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Dear readers,

Earlier this month, our attention was drawn to a bunch of online posts in which the poster(s) claimed that tefl online pro is (among other ridiculous allegations made) faking customer reviews.

This is online defamation. Defamation is when someone publishes information online that is false and intended to cause damage to one’s reputation.

We first began noticing these posts a while back — way back in 2019 — but they began increasing in regularity recently.

I don’t want to go into this too much because we have already written about this issue in another Medium post:

To deal with the false information being spread online about tefl online pro (which we know understand to have been spread by MyTEFL and ESLinsider) we decided to create a website, whereby we could directly respond to the allegations.

The website that we set up because of this is tefl-online-pro-reviews.com

tefl-online-pro-reviews.com began as a very basic website, with just a notice about TEFL Scams (which is the sort of behavior our two competitors are involved in by spending their time trying to discredit tefl online pro) and also listed some of the main pages which show up on the tefl online pro website.

This reviews website has been very good for us. It has provided us with a platform where we can transparently show people that the allegations are false, and it has also created a second source of traffic to our school website.

Necessity is the Mother of invention :)

As we wrote previously, both MyTEFL and ESLinsider conduct themselves in this way because this appears to be a core part of their business model.

It is well documented that MyTEFL create pseudo gotcha websites on their competition, and it is well documented that ESLinsider (Ian Leahy) writes scathing blog posts about his competition (on his school website of all places!) in the hope that the posts show up on his competitor’s Google search-thus driving traffic to his website.

Anyway. Back to tefl-online-pro-reviews.com :)

What began as a very basic website that received just a couple of unique visitors per day, has now organically evolved into receiving hundreds of unique visitors per day.

In fact, on some days, tefl-online-pro-reviews.com receives more unique visitors than the tefl online pro official school website does!

In response to this avalanche of traffic, we decided to give something back to the community.

We decided to begin publishing blog posts on TEFL/TESOL and travel-related themes — for the benefit of our customers, potential customers, and really anyone interested in either topics.

The first two blog posts have been published.

The first is TEFL/TESOL related, and the second is travel related:

Verified TESOL Course Testimonials

7 TEFL TESOL essential tips for flying overseas

We hope you enjoy reading these articles, and we also look forward to continuing to publish more articles in future, on a regular basis.

28th July update: yesterday, we published our third blog post:

We hope you enjoy reading through the article.

If you have any questions about this Medium article, please feel free to contact me at the email address listed below. Thank you.

Paul Murphy

Operations Manager — info@teflonlinepro.com — www.teflonlinepro.com



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