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TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article, 13th October 2021 update.

This TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article update is being written to reflect on the state of an increasingly saturated TEFL course market, and how this has further fuelled the less-than-professional behavior of a few TEFL program online voices.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed a growing number of new online TEFL/TESOL programs entering the marketplace. This has largely impacted the industry negatively.

We have noticed two main negative impacts of this increase:

  1. There are more unaccredited TEFL programs in the marketplace.
  2. A small number of well-established TEFL programs have stepped up their online attacks on their business competition.

We are not going to name these bad-actor TEFL programs in this article, but what we will divulge is that TEFL Online Pro continues to be a target of business competitor attacks.

It has gotten so bad that we have needed to issue a statement, to clarify for anyone reading the misinformation online that the source of these false claims about TEFL Online Pro have been perpetrated by some of our business competitors:


The spreading of false information surrounding TEFL Online Pro began shortly after we won the Teachers’ Choice Award, for the first time in 2019.

This was the time when we flew into the radar of a few TEFL programs that held a majority share in the TEFL world.

Since then, TEFL Online Pro has increased its presence and is now widely considered to be one of the more reputable Online TEFL/TESOL programs in the marketplace today.

The online attacks tend to follow the same method.

If you read that TEFL Online Pro is a “scam”, “fraud’, “unaccredited”, etc., then one of our business competitors is behind the content.

What has our reaction been to these attacks?

We have made sure not to retaliate, not to mirror the behaviour.

Instead, our customers have responded by actively leaving verified TEFL Online Pro reviews.

Currently, we have eleven TEFL Online Pro video reviews on the TEFL Online Pro YouTube channel:

As of 13th October 2021, TEFL Online Pro has 89 five-star reviews on the TEFL Online Pro Facebook page:

TEFL Online Pro has won the Teachers’ Choice Award two years in a row (2019/2020) and is in the running for this year’s award:

We thought it important to issue this update because anyone new to TEFL might not realize at first just how competitive this industry is, and may not realize at first that some of our business competitors have hijacked the search results for keywords such as TEFL Online Pro reviews, Is TEFL Online Pro legit, and Is TEFL Online Pro accredited.

Thank you for reading this update.

We would like to complete this update from a word from two recent graduates that have recorded follow-up TEFL Online Pro reviews:

This is a new follow-up video, with Noor explaining how her TEFL Online Pro certificate was instrumental in finding online teaching work with PalFish and Preply. Noor also briefly explains the process of successfully applying for a teaching English job position in South Korea.
Clara, a November 2020 Professional course graduate, takes time out of her busy teaching schedule, to speak about how her TEFL Online Pro 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL certificate has been an essential qualification for the process of being hired as an online English teacher and as an in-person English teacher in Spain.

Paul Murphy — Operations Manager | info@teflonlinepro.com

One of the issues of running a business within a highly competitive market, is the attacks from competitors. Especially, I must add, when you are running an online business.

We’ve gotten used to the sporadic attacks over the years.

Actually, we take them almost as a compliment. Oscar Wilde completely nailed it, when he wrote:

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Quite recently, the latest attack came in the form of pretty absurd online posts that claimed the independent Online TEFL/TESOL courses reviews website trustedteflreviews.com is actually owned and run by us.

We can see the logic behind the accusation. We did win the Teachers’ Choice Award last year, and we are currently the top-rated Online TEFL/TESOL certification program.

So, we have become a threat to the competition and they tried to make 5 by adding 2 and 2 together. In other words, they tried to spread a false statement online about tefl online pro. By ‘they’ we mean the “group” of Online TEFL/TESOL programs that Mia from trustedteflreviews.com exposed as peddling false accreditation credentials and other pretty dodgy business practices. You can read all about that dark side of the Online TEFL/TESOL industry on her site.

In response to this latest attack — oh, and btw, we are not the first school to have been falsely linked to a TEFL reviews website — we decided to level the playing field by setting up our own reviews website and replying to the online comments:


Notice anything odd about it in terms of what are missing?

Yes, there are no reviews on there.

That’s because reviews of our international TEFL/TESOL online certification course program are submitted by graduates of the program, and (unlike some other competitors) not written and planted by us.

I think the other accusation was that we are ONLY listed on trustedteflreviews.com and this is obviously an equally big bag of baloney :)

So, if you have the time and would like to read more about the courses that tefl online pro provides and would also like to read (for example) about some recommended travel links, then feel free to take a trip over to tefl-online-pro-reviews.com

And dear competitors. Do you know why we haven’t mentioned any of your school names in this article? Please refer to that Oscar Wilde quote ;)

On an equally serious note, competition is important. It keeps businesses focussed, and ultimately it improves the overall customer experience.

And at tefl online pro, we are all about the customer experience.

Thank you for your time reading this short, but to the point, article.

Paul Murphy — Operations Manager


Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020



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