TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article, 13th October 2021 update.

This TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article update is being written to reflect on the state of an increasingly saturated TEFL course market, and how this has further fuelled the less-than-professional behavior of a few TEFL program online voices.

  1. A small number of well-established TEFL programs have stepped up their online attacks on their business competition.
This is a new follow-up video, with Noor explaining how her TEFL Online Pro certificate was instrumental in finding online teaching work with PalFish and Preply. Noor also briefly explains the process of successfully applying for a teaching English job position in South Korea.
Clara, a November 2020 Professional course graduate, takes time out of her busy teaching schedule, to speak about how her TEFL Online Pro 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL certificate has been an essential qualification for the process of being hired as an online English teacher and as an in-person English teacher in Spain.

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