TEFL competitors resorting to smear campaigns in a sorry attempt at trying to win more business for themselves.

This will be short, to the point, and without the customary photos that are now popular tools to have a reader eventually find their way guided to the bottom of the page they happened to stumble upon.

It can be tough at the top.

And currently, teflonlinepro.com are at the top of our game.

Last year, we won the Teachers’ Choice award. This year, we have flirted between being rated the number 2 and number 1 (top-rated) Online TEFL/TESOL course.

How do we manage this?

We believe in our product, our team, and — most importantly — we believe in providing the best quality product and services for our customers.

Great for tefl online pro, but not so great for the lower-rated Online TEFL course programs.

Our reviews feature on a number of different, independent review websites.

I write, ‘independent’ because a lot of the more popular Online TEFL review websites are monetary driven. You know: the I’ll scratch your back, I’ll scratch your’s agreement.

An example. TEFL school ‘M’ pays for advertising on Online TEFL review site ‘T’. ‘M’ receives a poor review. ‘M’ contacts ‘T’ and the negative review magically disappears.

A further example of a different type of TEFL review fraud can be seen over at a popular review website which has the word used by people who fly airplanes as the second word in their company name. Let’s, term them ‘P’.

‘P’ act in a similar fashion to ‘M’ but also allows Online TEFL schools to become prolific review posters. Take one Online TEFL school. I’ll term them, ‘I’. In one day, they received 25 reviews. 25 :) All 5-star reviews.

So, it is clear that there is a bit of a neon-lit question mark shining when it comes to Online TEFL reviews.

However, there are some independent review websites out there that don’t accept paid advertising. One of these is trustedteflreviews.com.

We have been following this site very closely over the past couple of weeks, as it plays out like a Latino soap opera between the apparent ‘TEFL Group’ and the owner of trustedteflreviews.com.

From what we can gather, a few Online TEFL schools are pretty much run and owned by the same group and a while back, they had this amazing idea to create their own accreditation body. Mia Williams discovered this and posted some extremely revealing information in the scams section of her website:

And bizarrely, this group of Online TEFL/TESOL swashbucklers began accusing various schools of owning trustedteflreviews.com

A very desperate shot in the dark. Completely off aim.

tefl online pro was one of the schools accused of such a link, and blogs began to appear with these ridiculous accusations. Written by the ‘TEFL Group’?

So, to level the playing field, we spent a few days clarifying our position through a website we put together over a long weekend of heavy coffee drinking and scrunched paper basketball attempts at an almost impenetrable hoop.

We understand that this type of behavior occurs in all types of businesses, and even in presidential elections.

What do you do when you are faced with a bully?

You stand up to them and hold your ground.

Kind regards,

Paul Murphy / Operations Manager

teflonlinepro.com / info@teflonlinepro.com

Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019

teflonlinepro.com — Internationally recognized Online and Combined TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses with unrivaled job support. Teach | Travel.

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