Digging up the dirt on dirt-cheap Online TEFL/TESOL courses.

So, you have spent hours, if not days, screening the net for the perfect online TEFL course and suddenly something catches the corner of your eye.

It’s an online TEFL course going for only US$19. Wow! Sounds too good to be true? Well, unfortunately, it most likely is.

In this world you tend to get what you pay for and the reason for online TEFL courses being able, in general, to offer 120-Hour certification courses at around the US$300 price range is because there are fewer overheads compared with residential (Onsite) TEFL course providers who offer similar courses but for a way steeper price tag.

But US$19 sounds like a steal! And, it will be. But not in a good way.

Over the past few years we have been receiving a growing number of applications from customers who have already taken a dirt-cheap TEFL course and who were completely unimpressed by the quality of study and support provided by that course. So they come to us instead and sign up for one of our courses and in doing so learn a valuable lesson in life, albeit one which can be avoided.

Here are 3 secrets of the dirt-cheap Online TEFL courses you might have seen advertised online:

  1. If a course is advertised at US$19 (Or at a similar price point) then be sure this won’t be the final cost of the course. Such course providers are notorious for purposefully slowing down a student’s course progression with waste-of-time filler activities, and they do this so that you are then forced to pay for a course extension. The price of a course extension with a TEFL course provider like this? Usually between US$150-US$200.
  2. If purchasing a dirt-cheap TEFL course then be prepared for study materials which are extremely thin on the ground in terms of content and preparing you for teaching English abroad. One of the many complaints we receive about such courses is that they teach you very little and provide almost nothing in the form of the tools and confidence required to be an efficient and effective teacher of English.
  3. When you’ve finally completed the course, assuming you haven’t already realized your mistake and begun kicking yourself, then the last sucker punch is usually the issuing of the actual certificate. One of our customers complained that she was quoted US$299 for her hard copy certificate. This was after her course extension fee and was simply the last straw for her. Please don’t let it be the last straw for you too.

Dirt-cheap Online TEFL courses work on the assumption that people won’t expect too much from such a cheap course and that once people begin a course they are more prone to being manipulated into paying for (unnecessary) extras.

So the next time you see an Online TEFL course priced at around US$100 or less, ask yourself how and why a course that is advertising itself as being “the best” can possibly be one that will prepare you for that all important journey abroad.

Paul Murphy.

Operations Manager at tefl online pro

Internationally recognized Online and Combined TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses with unrivaled job support.

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