What are Warmers and Coolers?

A Warmer is a short activity or game at the beginning of the lesson.

Warmers are important for students to have some idea of what to expect in the class ahead and are an excellent method for introducing the class topic. For example, if one…

Why choose tefl online pro?

Earlier this week, we received a heart-warming email from a recent customer.

It made us feel proud of what we do, and it also spurred us on to write this Medium article.

In the email, our course graduate thanked us for providing her with the…

This is an article about tefl-online-pro-reviews.com

Dear readers,

Earlier this month, our attention was drawn to a bunch of online posts in which the poster(s) claimed that tefl online pro is (among other ridiculous allegations made) faking customer reviews.

This is online defamation. Defamation is when someone publishes information online…

ESLinsider and MyTEFL have been spreading false accusations about tefl online pro

Earlier this week, we received two excellent pieces of news:

  1. tefl online pro won the Teachers’ Choice Award, 2020.
  2. We discovered who was defaming us online.

Ever since late last year, we noticed a negative post here and there about tefl online pro. They were mostly posted on Reddit, all…

Real TEFL Online Pro reviews, submitted by our customers.


Update: 21st July, 2021:

The latest TEFL Online Pro video review testimonials.

In this review, Paige, an experienced school teacher from the USA, outlines what you can expect when you enroll in…

TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article, 13th October 2021 update.

This TEFL Online Pro reviews Medium article update is being written to reflect on the state of an increasingly saturated TEFL course market, and how this has further fuelled the less-than-professional behavior of a few TEFL program online voices.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed a growing…

tefl online pro

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